This is what our soldiers say

One by one our soldiers have taken the action to wake up the Hercules themselves. They have this to say about us

​Kristian – soldier since 2017

In all honesty, the reason I chose for Hercules Workouts was because of the low fares. Nowadays you easily pay over 200 euros for an online coaching service, which I could not afford. In hindsight, I believe Hercules Workouts’ prices could be higher given the quality of his programs. His programs were clear-cut and easy to comprehend and understand. Hercules even told me that he is going to launch 2 Hercules Workouts fitness apps! The e-books, articles and other material that Hercules provided to me for extra information helped me massively. Even though I did not have that many questions for Hercules, the contact with him was smooth. I’ll keep my story short, all that I want to say is that I can strongly recommend Hercules Workouts!

Owen - soldier since 2018

I am not as muscular as I want to be but those are goals for the future. Hercules Workouts helped me to change my routine to stay fit, which gave me a lot of motivation! I am extremely happy with the results so far.

​​Isabel – soldier since 2018

I discovered Hercules Workouts just at the right time! This year I finally wanted to take fitness seriously as I wanted to stick to my new years' resolutions, which I always failed before. I was in doubt if I should get advice from a personal trainer in the gym or from the internet by myself. In this period I encountered Hercules Workouts’ Instagram and website and decided to register myself immediately. This was the best choice I ever made. This saved me a lot of money and time as the coaching was very effective and I started seeing results very quickly and learned the right things! I am very happy with my results and I am very proud to be on your website! All-in-all I am a very proud soldier!

​Gianni – soldier since 2017

Hello fellow soldiers, my name is Gianni and I am also a soldier of Hercules. I was 83kg in 2015 and because of MMA, I lost 33kg in 6 months which brought me in a downward spiral. Because of the help and the clear program of Hercules Workouts I managed to gain more confidence and also weight and muscle mass. I now weigh 72kg and I am very proud of the results.

​​Elouan – soldier since 2017

I recently discovered that I was only the 9th soldier to join the army 2 years ago. After all this time I can truly say that Hercules Workouts has changed my life both mentally and physically. Within 1 year I became a completely different person and feel healthier and happier and most importantly, more confident. I am even planning on registering for my first bodybuilding competition. I mostly appreciate that Hercules took time to answer all my personal messages.

Ryan – soldier since 2017

Shortly after I sent my transformation pictures, Hercules Workouts also asked me to write a review on the process and service. I am sure that every soldier won’t have any complaints regarding the quality of the services provided by Hercules Workouts. You probably won’t read this in every review, but what I liked most was the extra literature that Hercules provided for free. I got many useful tips from this that I could use in practice! I am very happy with the services!

Sven – soldier since 2017

My name is Sven and I am 20 years old. Before I started with Hercules Workouts, I thought to go on a diet meant that I had to starve myself. Hercules showed me that that is wrong and because of his help I lost 17 kilos in 16 weeks! (From 102kg to 85kg). I went from size XXL to M! Hercules’ service has helped me so much and prevented me from falling back to my old bad habits and routine.

​Peter – soldier since 2017

Yeah! yeah! yeah! hell f*cking yeah! That is the first thing that came to mind when Hercules Workouts asked me to write a review for the website. I really think that Hercules Workouts is one of the best online coaching platforms out there. Very good quality and easy to reach out to! I was also told new apps will be online soon! I can’t wait to use them!

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These soldiers were ahead of you! Before and after them there have also been soldiers who have dared to take the first step. Wake up the Hercules in you today! Are you not sure yet? Feel free to send us a message.

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