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Date of birth: 10-03-1997
Nationality: Dutch

What’s up soldiers! My name is Simon but everyone calls me Hercules. I will tell you soon why people call me Hercules, but let me first tell you about my passion for fitness. My passion started to develop when I was about 15 years old. 3 older classmates were doing a lot of fitness and they looked muscular, confident and attracted a lot of girls.

At that time I was busy playing football, which I also did at a professional level. However, these older classmates made me extremely curious about the world of fitness. I was very shy and did not dare to ask these classmates anything. I was not that confident to register for a gym either. I bought some gym equipment together with my brother so I could do fitness at home in my sister’s room as she had left our house.

In this period of about 8 months I managed to develop some muscle mass and my confidence started to grow. I also started to learn a lot about fitness through books and youtube. And so my obsession with fitness started. I registered for my local gym and from that moment on I started to gain more and more.

I was still in secondary school at that time and found a job for the summer in a warehouse. A colleague from that warehouse gave me the nickname ‘Hercules’ because of my posture and appearance. During one work break he made me a drawing where he depicted me as Hercules. And from that moment a new name was born, which also the inspiration for my company: Hercules Workouts!

After this, I committed to increasing my knowledge on fitness and started working at a gym and followed a program to become a fitness instructor. In my program I met Noell, with who I work together now for my company: Hercules Workouts. With our passion, knowledge, and experience we make a great and strong team to lead our army!



Date of birth: 31-10-1994
Nationality: Dutch

My name is Noell, about 6 years ago I encountered fitness for the first time. I have lived for several months in Florida, where my passion for fitness started and that is when I started taking it seriously too. I gained a lot of muscle mass in this period, which made me enjoy fitness even more!

I had not made any plans for the future and for my return to the Netherlands. Coincidentally, shortly after I returned to the Netherlands, a Dutch friend of mine sent me a job offer from a gym close to my neighborhood. I saw this as a great opportunity and applied immediately.
A week later they hired me and I became a full-time fitness instructor. In this period I also finished my bootcamp and funXtion training. I worked at this gym for two years and learned a lot from other people and gained valuable experience.

I was not done learning and I decided to apply for a study program called CALO, at Windesheim in Zwolle. This is where I met and became friends with Hercules because of our shared passion and interest for fitness. Of course I was much stronger and had more mass than Hercules, but he did not want to admit this. Just like Hercules I ended the program before finishing it. I kept in contact with Hercules, even though we were not studying together anymore, and we regularly met for gym sessions or good conversations on fitness.

I continued studying and did a program to become nutritionist, which I successfully finished. The most important advice that I give my customers is: Balance is the key!
When Hercules asked me to come work for Hercules Workouts I had no doubts and joined him right away. It has always been my passion to help and inspire people when it comes to fitness and lifestyle. The most important goal of us is to help people achieve their goals effectively and efficiently without wasting valuable time!


Ready to become the next soldier?

There are many soldiers who have been before you and have achieved their goals. Wake up the Hercules in you today! Not sure yet? Feel free to send us a message.

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