Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a summary of the most frequently asked questions. Is your question not listed? Please take message us.

1. How do you know what the right program is for me?

Before we work on a program, we have received a completed questionnaire or did an intake interview/call with the client. This allows us to customize each program to the needs and preferences of the customer.

2. What is your expertise and experience in the field of online fitness coaching?

Hercules Workouts is an expert in 4 important transformation goals: cutting, bulking, losing weight and building strength. Our team has many years of experience, certificates and an ongoing process of knowledge injection by studying related books on these topics.

3. Can I get a sport specific plan?

Hercules Workouts is an expert in 4 main transformation goals: Cutting, Bulking, Losing weight and building strength. Although we do not provide sport-specific plans, we do not exclude that our plans may have a (beneficial) effect on sport-specific performance and we can do our research at any specific sports topic to help you out! We helped many kickboxers in the last 2 years for example!

4. What happens after I pay?

After you have signed up and paid for your plan, you will receive an email requesting to fill out the intake form or plan an intake call with your coach! This information should be provided as accurately as possible. After you have performed these steps, Hercules Workouts will prepare your online coaching program and send it to you within 7 working days. You can contact Hercules Workouts at any time via Whatsapp if you have any questions left.

5. How does this process work and how can I contact you/my coach during my process?

Your chosen package is linked to an email address but you get also access to the WhatsApp account of your coach! So we will keep in contact during your process. In this way, we will track your results, evaluate, give unique tips and you can give us all your questions and comments during your process.

6. Are these coaching programs also for starting athletes?

Yes, our coaching programs are both for starting athletes as well as experienced and advanced athletes. We try to keep this in mind when we build your personal fitness schedule. Your schedule will also include explanations and instructions to execute all exercises correctly.

7. Are these coaching programs only for men?

No, we are also completely open to coaching female athletes. For example, the women who want to focus on the #bootybuilding are at the right address here!

8. What are the Payment options and how does it work?

We offer many payment options such as Paypal and IDeal and you may also directly transfer your purchase amount to our bank. To pay simply click the product you want to purchase. Follow the instructions on the screen and you should be redirected to the checkout. When the payment is done you’ll receive an email from us with a questionnaire. Send your filled out questionnaire to the given email address and you will get your product within 1-5 workdays.

9. Is gym membership required to follow our online coaching?

We recommend you to get a gym membership if you want to build muscle mass. However there are some exceptions for those who have access to limited equipment e.g. a home gym setup. If your goal isn’t building muscle mass but losing weight then a personalized meal plan will suffice and a gym membership is not needed.

10. Can my workout/meal plan be personalized to my likes and dislikes?

Yes, you can write down your preferences about training and eating in the received questionnaire or tell us in your intake cal with us! For example, you can opt for a strict eating schedule or a more flexible method whereby we make small adjustments during the process!

11. I can’t spend too much money on food or time on meal prepping. Will this personalized mealplan still work for me?

Yes, we have a range of options to make the best personalized meal plan that will totally fit your requirements.

12. Does it matter in which country I live?

No, we are and wanted to be available for people all over the world. All the programs, E-books and Apps are available in English also!

13. What can I find in the Hercules Workouts app?

The Hercules Workouts app is the complete app when it comes to nutrition and training.
You can keep track of everything from nutrition to training and you get access to the Hercules Workouts community.

14. Where can I download the Hercules Workouts app?

The app can be downloaded immediately after the payment is completed in the Playstore and Applestore.

15. Can I track / scan my food with the app?

You can easily keep track of everything in the app. You can add products yourself via the extensive database or use the barcode scanner to scan all your products easily.

16. For which age is the coaching suitable?

The coaching is suitable for all ages. We currently coach soldiers between 15 and 54 years.

17. Do I have to eat the same foods every day?

Absolutely not! The meal plans all comes down to the same macronutrients/calories, so you can decide what you would like to eat. If you prefer it, you can eat the same thing every day but you don’t have to. Next to this, you will also receive a Nutrition Guide with the program that explains Dieting and your macronutrient intake.

18. I can’t find my question at this FAQ’s list, what should I do now?

Send us your question via: message, mail to +316 83419694. We will try our best respond to your question within 3 days. Normally the response time is 1 day.

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